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The TeleCare™ Solutions range of products enables seniors to retain their dignity and independence while living in their own homes by providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have swift access to a qualified Care Specialist in the event of a fall, medical incident or any other emergency.

Retirement Villages

Most Retirement Villages are fitted with inappropriate and ineffective panic button systems. The TeleCare™ Solution is an assistive healthcare device that incorporates lifestyle monitoring and communication systems and is not only a panic button system. Quotations for volume orders are available and enquiries can be sent to


In today’s society, there are many families in which both parents work. Often children come home after school and are alone until their parents return. Unfortunately, accidents happen very easily and security is always a concern. It is reassuring to know that with TeleCare™ Solutions your child has immediate access to our qualified Care Specialists and to you at the touch of a button.

Physically Disabled

Many physically disabled people live on their own and need to have safe and convenient access to professional help should an emergency occur or should they wish to make contact with family or friends. TeleCare™ Solutions has a range of products designed to assist the specialised needs of the physically disabled.


In South Africa farmers and those living in isolated areas are unfortunately, increasingly becoming targets for burglary and attacks. TeleCare™ Solutions enables people living and working in remote areas to summon immediate help from neighbours or, through our Care Specialists, to swift emergency assistance relevant to the crisis.


Since TeleCare™ Solutions products are portable, they provide the ideal security and safety solution for all workers, but specifically those with specialised conditions such as site and shift workers. TeleCare™ Solutions provides a quick, efficient service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is instantly available at the touch of a button should an emergency arise.

Day Care Centres & Schools

Tending to a group of children is a considerable responsibility and TeleCare™ Solutions is able to provide complete peace of mind to both parents and minders as help is available immediately should any medical or security emergency arise.

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