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TeleCare™ is as much about the philosophy of dignity and independence as it is about equipment and services. Equipment is provided to support the individual in their home and tailored to meet their needs. It can be as simple as the basic community alarm service, able to respond in an emergency and provide regular contact by telephone and it can include detectors or monitors such as for motion or falls and fire and gas that trigger a warning to a response centre.

TeleCare Solutions – Comprehensive Medical and Security Response Rolled into One

Telecare in the form of an all in one solution, such as that which TeleCare™ Solutions offers, was introduced to South Africa in 2006 by Anton de Beer.

The TeleCare™ Solutions service is a personal emergency response system that relies on the TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™, a two way intercom device that sends out an alert signal to our 24/7/365 response centre (Care Centre) when one of the buttons on the console or a personal panic button (Care Trigger) is activated. Enhanced by a range of peripheral devices that cater to specialised needs, TeleCare™ Solutions offers the most comprehensive, affordable solution in South Africa today.

Suited to people of all ages and within all locations across South Africa, the TeleCare™ Solutions service is the answer to all your medical and security emergency response and remote monitoring concerns.

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