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The CareStation™ and our TeleCare™ Solutions service is enhanced with our range of additional technologies which enable preventative care and an additional level of convenience specifically suited to specialised needs.

Personal Radio Triggers

The TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ comes standard with a waterproof pendant, belt clip or wristband trigger but a standard pullcord or shower pullcord may also be added. These lightweight and ergonomic triggers are designed to be used by anyone in any circumstance; including mobility impaired or disabled persons.

Triggers for Disabled People

At TeleCare™ Solutions we have a wide range of easy press switches that are specifically designed for mobility impaired and disabled persons affording them the independence and peace of mind they deserve.

Environmental Detectors

Our wide range of environmental detectors are designed to sense unusual conditions such as smoke, gas or water, allowing for an early warning signal, thereby improving safety within the home or office environment.

Presence and Activity Detectors

The TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ can be connected to infrared and magnetic detectors which provide automatic monitoring and analysis of the subscriber’s activity, thereby detecting any indication of an unusual or emergency situation such as a fall.

Bellen Cellphone

Hear without your ears! The Bellen Cellphone is the revolutionary solution to those who are hard of hearing. Place the cellphone on any bone on your face and you will be able to hear the caller clearly through the integrated nerve conductor. Designed with larger than normal buttons, the Bellen Cellphone is exceptionally simple to use.
  • Big Key Mobile Phone
  • GSM 900/DCS1800
  • Colour LCD Display 1.8” TFT 160 x 128 pixel
  • Keypad Backlight
  • 100% Hearing Aid Compatibility
    because of Bone Conduction Technology
  • Caller ID - with list of the last 20 incoming
    and 20  missed calls with name or number
  • Extended redial of the last called 20 Numbers
  • Phonebook for 500 entries with
    up to 5 numbers per name
  • Multilanguage Menu: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Handsfree
  • Stereo Headset jack (Micro-USB)
  • Auto Talk (if ringing phone is put down from charger)
  • Emergency Button
  • M1,M2,M3 Quick dial buttons
  • Radio and Flashlight
  • Mute, Key-lock
  • Battery Alarm         
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 240 hours Standby
  • Up to 5 hours talk-time
iBABY Cellphone

Our ibaby Cellphone provides parents with complete peace of mind by knowing that they are at all times able to make contact with their children and monitor their activities. The ibaby provides the child with a simple and reliable way of contacting their parents or guardians should any emergency sittuation arise. Robust, with a fun colourful design, the ibaby is the ideal method of communication for kids today.
  • One-key phone dial Children can easily dial the Parent/Guardian (Father, mother, teacher...) with one key
  • Intelligent emergency call When children are in an emergency situation, they can press the intelligent (emergency) key. The phone will contact their relatives in sequence until reaching one of them. The mobile phone will send an SMS message to temporarily unavailable parent/guardian to inform them of the emergency situation
  • Location Tracking Track the Child’s Location - 6 predefined locations can be set by the parent to be monitored, therefore the parent will know where their child is within these 6 locations. (The location is calculated using tower triangulation technology from the cellular service provider)
  • Sound Monitor When needed, the parent/guardian can remotely listen to sounds surrounding the phone, without the child knowing this (nothing is displayed on the ibaby phone’s screen). This is used to monitor the child to find out what they are doing
  • Low Radiation The alarm light will inform you if the radiation from the phone is high, and reduce the radiation to the lowest possible level
  • Long Distance Control The Parent/Guardian can control the ibaby using SMS messages to change settings and/or to monitor the phone
  • Stolen/Lost function If a new SIM card is inserted into the ibaby, the ibaby will SMS the parent phone with the new inserted SIM card’s phone number. The Parent/Guardian can then use the Sound Monitoring function to listen to the phone’s new surroundings. Or an SMS can also be sent to the new SIM number to lock the phone. (The ibaby will then be locked and will be unusable by that person)
  • Game time The Parent/Guardian can set and control the time a child spends playing games on the ibaby. After a set time, the game will be paused. (This is also to protect the child’s eyes.)
  • Limit phone access during school hours The Parent/Guardian can block calls and SMS’s during the time a child is in class. (So Phone calls and SMS’s cannot affect the class or distract the child)
  •  Limit telephone conversation time Limits conversation time as selected by parents. (*Except the 1-4 known numbers saved on the phone). This function prevents the child making expensive calls to friends. Also, No Unknown numbers can call or SMS your child
The Nanny

The Nanny baby monitor is the ideal non-intrusive device that has been designed to monitor the breathing of your baby.

  • Audible warning alarm if infant stops breathing
  • Detects SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • 100% passive sensor – not contact with child
  • Certified medical device
  • Easy to install and operate
Waterproof Watch Trigger

Our Waterproof Watch Trigger is the ideal solution for those individuals who seek a more aesthetically appealing, versatile trigger to go with the CareStation™. The strap enables you to wear the Waterproof Watch Trigger as a watch, or you can wear the trigger as a pendant
  • 24 gm weight, dimensions 46x38x13 mm
  • Watertight indices IP 67
  • Radio range 50 meters inside & and up to 200 meters outside

The Keysafe provides clients with a safe means of storing keys in a location where family, friends and emergency personnel are able to retrieve them during an emergency situation. The keysafe is robust and tamper-proof and is designed to be opened using a pre-programmed combination code.
  • Secure access to your home
  • You control the combination
  • Easy to install – easy to use
  • Bolted to any wall - in full view or hidden away.
  • Set temporary access for a period 
GSM Router

For those clients who do not have a telephone line, the GSM router is the answer to linking the CareStation™ with our Care Centre. This solution is also ideal for those individuals who travel frequently and would like to take their CareStation™ with them.

  • This device is intended for use primarily as a GSM transmitter for installations with no telephone line
  • The GSM back-up also undertakes the supervision of the presence of the PSTN telephone line
  • In case of a line cut, the module automatically takes over, guaranteeing alarm transmission via the GSM network
  • The GSM back-up operates within 45 seconds following the detection of an absence
  • of telephone line and secures the installation under any circumstances.
Fall Detector

fall detectorCalling for help when you have fallen can often be impossible when your telephone or cellphone is out of reach! Worn on the wrist, the Fall Detector monitors the wearer’s average day-to-day movements. Should the wearer fall or bump themselves too hard, the Fall Detector will recognise this as an irregular movement and will instantly connect with the TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ in order to alert help. Please note that the alert for help will be cancelled by movement of the arm that is similar to how the wearers movement was detected 10 seconds prior to the fall.

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