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The TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ is a flat, free standing, ergonomically designed intercom device that can be activated by pressing the red HELP button or by pressing your waterproof portable trigger button.

Features of the CareStation™ include:
  • ISO 2001 approved
  • 36hour Battery Back-up
  • Fully Portable
  • 200m Radius remote contact with call centre in and around the house
  • 30-50m two-way hands free voice communication with call centre in the house
  • Records and stores last 500 events
  • Waterproof personal response button (Care Trigger)
  • Automatic hourly battery test to help button
  • Secure ICASA approved radio frequency
  • Emergency CarePlan Management

Our TeleCare Solutions monitoring centre is staffed by fully trained Care Specialists who are on 24/7/365 standby to provide prompt, efficient and empathetic assistance for any medical or other emergency situation, staying in contact with you until your crisis is resolved.

Each of our valued members has a pre-arranged personal Care Plan which is stored on our database and that is instantly accessible to our Care Specialists in the event of an emergency, enabling them to mobilise help specific to your needs.
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