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Should any medical or security emergency occur, TeleCare™ Solutions is there at the touch of a button to respond to your needs immediately. 


1. Press the red button on your CareStation™ or waterproof care multi function trigger (portable response button) within a 200 meter radius from the CareStation™ in and around the home. The trigger can be worn as a pendant around the neck, around the arm, or as a belt clip.
2. A trained Care Specialist will respond in 60 seconds and communicate through the CareStation™ whereby 30-50 meter handsfree two way communication is established between the Care Specialist and the person in distress.
3. Your personal Care Plan is activated at the 24/7 Call Centre   and relevant assistance is mobilised / dispatched immediately.

We stay connected with you until your emergency is resolved.


Our range of peripheral devices are designed to link to the CareStation™. This enables us to monitor a variety of factors such as dangerous gasses, flooding, activity and motion etc. This preventative security service is key to averting any unnecessary, preventable emergencies.
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