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Top 5 Questions

If I move, can I transfer the TeleCare Solutions service to my new address?

Yes – simply call us on 0861 633 644 with your new address and telephone number and we will ensure services are available to you immediately.

How can I update the information that I gave to TeleCare Solutions initially?

Simply contact our Care Centre on 0861 633 644 and we will update your details over the phone, or send you the forms to complete relevant areas accordingly.

What if there is a power failure in my area?

Your CareStation™ comes with a back-up battery that maintains the system when there is a power failure. This battery is designed to last for up to 36 hours. When the power comes back on, the back-up battery will recharge itself automatically.

How will emergency personnel gain access to my home?

Should we need to contact emergency personnel (such as doctors, paramedics, police etc.), we will also contact your nominated friends, family or neighbours who have a key to your premises and who will be able to meet emergency personnel when they arrive. If you are concerned that the nominated friend, family member or neighbor won’t be able to get to your premises in time, we recommend that you install a CareStation™ keysafe. The Care Specialist at our Care Centre will provide the emergency personnel with the code to unlock the safe and retrieve your key.

Does the TeleCare Solutions system work anywhere in South Africa?

Yes it does – even in the most remote areas, so long as you have a telephone line or cellphone reception.

FAQ - Membership

What type of Contract do I have to sign?

There is a monitoring agreement only for the rental/subscription option for an initial 36 month period.

What happens if the subscriber moves to a frail care centre, where the CareStation™ is not needed, or dies within the 36 month period?

The out clause, in the terms and conditions, determines that only three months of the monthly subscription fee will be charged and CareStation™ must immediately be forwarded to the TeleCare™ Solutions Head Office in Durbanville.

What are my billing options?

You are welcome to purchase the CareStation™ and any peripheral devices you may need upfront and settle a nominal monthly monitoring fee, or you may sign a 36 month rental/subscription option that includes the monitoring fee in the monthly amount.

We accept all major credit cards and rental options are available via a monthly debit order.

In the case of families and couples – do I pay multiple monitoring fee’s?

No – a single monitoring fee is due regardless of the number of individuals who will be using the system in any given household or business. The CareStation™ comes standard with one waterproof Care Pendant (panic button) and you may therefore purchase additional Care Pendants as you need.

Will my Care Pendant break if I drop it on the floor or in the bath?

No – the Care Pendant is incredibly durable and is entirely waterproof – you can even swim with it should you wish!

FAQ - Service

What is the average response time?

60 seconds – guaranteed!

What procedures are used to test the CareStation™?

The CareStation™ is automatically tested on a regular basis to ensure your system is communicating with our Care Centre.

Who will I be speaking to when I press my panic button for help?

Our Care Specialists are on standby 24/7/365 to assist you when an emergency occurs. They are trained to deal with all medical and security emergencies.

What type of information does a Care Specialist have access to about me?

Only the information that you have provided to us which will include your medical history, address, contact list of friends, family and neighbours, as well as your nominated doctor.
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