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Anton de Beer, the Founder Member and current Managing Director of Alert@Home and TeleCare™ Solutions, introduced the concept of TeleCare™ to South Africa in 2006 after the untimely death of his diabetic mother a year earlier. Anton’s mother had collapsed in her residential home in Bellville, Cape Town and was unable to reach the standard panic devices in her home at the time in order to summon the medical assistance which could have ultimately saved her life

Devastated by the fact that prior to his mother’s death, he had already conducted 5 years of investigation into a reputable TeleCare™  system, namely Intervox (France) and had never implemented the very technology in South Africa that could have saved his mothers life, Anton resigned from his executive management position in an unlisted public company and set about dedicating his life to bringing this revolutionary technology within the reach of all South Africans.

  • Researched technologies globally to find a solution to suit the South African environment.
  • Sourced and secured CareStation™ device from a reputable supplier – Intervox – which is situated in France
  • Setup and launched Call Centre
  • Launch of “Be a Biz-Buddy” Supporting National Child Safety Campaign
  • Launch of “Find a BuddyBand Child” initiative
  • Launch of TeleCare™ Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Implemented the TeleCare™ solution in various retirement village developments (Evergreen, Helderberg Manor, etc.), individual homes and crèches.

It is our vision to be the forerunners in providing superior, innovative, state of the art TeleCare™  emergency medical and security services that are always accessible, dependable and easy to use. We aim to create a safer environment for all South Africans, whether they are living at home alone, travelling, at school or at work.


It is our mission to ensure that all our valued members are provided with an exceptional quality, “healthcare rated” product and are afforded unsurpassed caring, efficiency and prompt service when accurate response and timely delivery are critical.

TeleCare Distributor – Alert@Home

Alert@Home is the organisation that brought telecare to South Africa in 2006. Originally positioned as the sole service provider to clients of the CareStation™ and related Telecare™ services, Alert@Home now acts as the sourcing and distribution channel for all Telecare™, security and personal emergency related products, innovations and technologies.

For any trade enquiries, please contact Anton de Beer via email at

Please visit our website for further information

Become a Registered Agent!

Become an Agent

TeleCare™ Solutions is expanding rapidly due to the popularity and success of our service. Why not join us as a registered agent today and not only earn an income, but also provide a valuable, lifesaving, support service to your community.

Whether you wish to create your own TeleCare™ Solutions business, or whether you wish to simply supplement your monthly income, TeleCare™ Solutions will provide you with all the tools and support you need to become a successful agent!

Never too old – becoming a TeleCare™ Solutions Agent is perfect for anybody who is vibrant and passionate about the positive difference TeleCare™ Solutions can make to individuals and communities countrywide. You are never too old to help your community, or earn extra income!

Become a TeleCare™ Solutions agent in 3 easy steps:-

Step1Contact Anton de Beer at or call him on 0861 633 644

Step2 Market TeleCare™ Solutions to your network and community

Step3Start earning an income from your very first member!

What does a TeleCare™ Agent do?

TeleCare™ Agents may elect to simply promote and sign-up new members, or they may earn additional income through doing the actual installation of the CareStation™ at the clients premises. To do the installation of the CareStation™, no specialised technical expertise is required.

Promote and sign-up – As a TeleCare™ Solutions agent, you would generate leads by promoting the value and simplicity of TeleCare™ Solutions to your own new and/or existing networks and contacts. You would then take new members through the sign-up process. Once the membership forms have been completed and sent to us, we handle everything – from delivery to installation and of course, the ongoing TeleCare™ Solutions service. You do not need to provide any further support or technical services whatsoever.

Promote, sign-up and install – In addition to promoting TeleCare™ Solutions and signing up new members, you may also elect to install the CareStation™ for your client. Agents that install the CareStation™ earn considerably more than those that prefer to not to, so if you are wishing to start your own TeleCare™ business, this is the best option for you to choose.

How do I Register to become an Agent?

Please email Anton de Beer at or call him on 0861 633 644

What does TeleCare™ Solutions Provide?

Marketing Tools

Upon registration, we will provide you with the detailed information you need to understand the complete TeleCare™ Solutions service. In addition, we will provide you with flyers, a personalised Business Card, personalised email address and digital copies of any other marketing materials you may need to present TeleCare™ Solutions, such as posters, roller banners and PowerPoint Presentation templates. We want you to feel comfortable that you are able to present yourself and TeleCare™ Solutions in a professional, confident manner.

Ongoing Support

Our mission is to bring TeleCare™ into as many South African homes as possible. We rely on our valued agents to assist us in achieving our mission and to this end, we will provide you with all of the mentorship, support and information you may need to help you become a successful Care™ Solutions Agent.

How do Agents get Paid?

Our agents earn a commission on every member that they sign-up. For those agents that choose to also install the CareStation ™, an additional commission is paid to them for the installation. We pay our agents monthly before the 07th of each month.

Why delay? become a TeleCare™ Solutions Agent today!

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